Written by Ricky Ian Gordan and Tina Landau Dream True follows the lives of two boys, Venrne and Peppy, who grow up in 1945's Wyoming. Peppy's mother Sarah decides to send her son to live with his uncle in NYC. Verne makes a pact with Peppy to imagine a wolrd where the two of them can always play. 15 years later Peppy, now Peter, is a succesful archetect and engaged to Madge. Peter's world begins to crumble after his mother passes and he runs into into Verne who is now an openly gay man sturggling for rights in the 1960's. His relationship to work, life and Madge begin to crumble as he slips back into the world of imagination.


Asylum by Cheril K. Clarke is a true story about (name) a Uganda lesbian survivor of a ritualy sacrificed. Her farther discover that instead of a the arranged marriage he has planned for her (name) had fallen in love with (name) her best friend. With no option, (name) needed to run away and found sanctuary in a nunary even with police brutality closing in. She sturggled to find a escape only to be only left for dead afer trying to cross the broder. She sturrgles to become an Amarecan Citizen but also seeks freedom in any country that will save her.









Valhalla by Paul Rudnick is two parallel stories,   King Ludwig of Bavaria and James Avery, explore sexuality   and acting out against what society wants them to be.   Ludwig with a forced betrothal and now having to become   king and James with his feelings for Henery Lee and   fighting against what society would like him to become.   Finally finding a conection in a reliquary in the shape of a heart the two find what they have always wanted, an answer to what thier hearts have longed for. 


An evening of choreography by Billy Bell and his Lunge Dance Collective, music by Natalie Douglas and Mark Hartman and a performance by Drag Queen, Miss Fire Island Roxy Brooks! 









The Pride by by Alexi Kaye Campbell dives into the relationships of three individuals seperated by two timeline, fifty years apart. Philip, Oliver and Sylvia who live in London are faced with the trials of either being or knowing someone who is Homosexual in 1958 during the Wolfeden Report and in 2018 when marriage equility was a main stand for the LGBTQ community.







Hollywood Nurses by Shiela Head and Peter Michael Marino is based on mid-1950s was the heyday of pulp novels and the unique expression of queer sexuality in paperback. Behind closed doors, both men and women were dog-earing the sexually daring and controversial lesbian pulp novel. On the outside — glossy, suggestive covers. Inside, tales of hidden desires and forbidden lusts printed on cheap paper. The characters lived secret, shameful lives and often encountered tragic fates. These books spoke to a generation unsure of its sexuality by exploring the consequences of “choice,” while reassuring readers that they were not alone. America was changing. Hollywood Nurses is a celebration of such novels and those who read them. It is our intention to capture the magic of those juicy pulp novels while paying tribute to those authors who chose to express themselves long before The L ord andModern Family became mainstream.






A Fair Country by John Robin Baitz deals with a estranged relationship between a mom and a son. It flashes back to the events leading up to a group of activistest being taken in during the time of apartid in Durban, South Africa. The family, the Father diplimat, his wife and two sons are brought to this country and are force to adjust to their new rules of how to live. Though in an attempt to better teir lives the Father makes a fatal deal that tears the family's life and put them all in mortal jepedy. sepearating them for good.


The Boy in The Painting by Derek Alan Greene follows Oscar Wilde from the purchase of a painting through the new
story it inspires. Oscar begins to construct a story about his school friend George and his fascination with a young man who believed that Shakespeare dedicated the Sonnets to his favorite boy-actor and lover. From days at Oxford through the demise of his friend, Oscar wrestles with art, attraction, forgery, William Shakespeare, and liquor in a search for truth and connection. Based on "The Portrait of Mr. W.H." and including
selections from the poems and plays of Wilde, Shakespeare, and Christopher Marlowe, the play is performed by a cast of six male actors. Elizabethan norms eclipse Victorian morals as Wilde seeks to differentiate love from obsession, separate art from artifice, and most of all, find an ending for his tale.


Define Me: The Music of Ryan Amador is a song cycle of Ryan's music. It follows for indivduals while they continue to struggle with sexuality, selfworth and finding a stable relationship. Each character is haunted by past mistakes and actions but still holds out hope that one day they will love and be loved in return. Featuring Ryan's song; Define Me, Skylark, Still Waiting and many more. 







Adam and Brian are a typical gay couple living in New York City. One night, on their way back home from the movies, they are brutally attacked by three strangers and sent to the hospital. The play flashes back and forth, to prove how the dynamics of the couple have changed from before the attack. What unfolds throughout, is not only what happened to them physically, but the damage that affected them emotionally. Both men cope in different ways and are at odds with how to regain their inner stabilities.